Favorite Tools and Cookbooks

There is an absurd amount of cooking tools and cookbooks available for purchase.  A lot of them are really unnecessary, and crowd your kitchen drawers (and cost money).  Everything in my kitchen had to earn its space and pass the extensive Joanne “research and review reading process.” All of the tools and cookbooks here have earned rave reviews from not just me, but hundreds of other people in the food community:

This thermometer is an absolute steal, and is about $22.  I use my thermometer for everything…cooking meat, checking baked good temperatures, cooking caramels, etc.  If you don’t have a good thermometer, you need to get one!



I have these dishers (cookie scoops) in various sizes so I can portion out cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc evenly, so it looks professional.  I love these.


I think nonstick baking sheets are garbage, so I use uncoated heavyweight commercial sheet pans.  They don’t warp in the oven, and I find that most of the food I make doesn’t even stick to my uncoated pans (and if I’m not sure, I just put down a piece of parchment paper).


I use my kitchen scale constantly, and it’s really essential for accurate measuring.  I also use it to portion out my food.




There are tons of cookbooks out there, but most of them aren’t worth buying. A lot of them don’t actually teach you much, rather they are just a collection of recipes that you could get for free online. All of the books I have listed here teach you a ton about technique, and are definitely worth adding to your cookbook collection as references.

Got some mango and don’t know what to pair it with?  Open up the Flavor Bible and it will tell you what goes well with mango, and what doesn’t.  This has every possibly ingredient you could imagine, along with pairings and combination ideas.  It’s easily my most indispensable cooking reference.


James Peterson has tons of highly rated books, and every single one of them is worth reading.  He is extremely knowledgeable and explains technique in a really understandable way.  He’s won James Beard awards for his books.

Everything you could possibly want to know about food and cooking is in this book.  Harold McGee seriously knows everything about food and is highly respected in the food world.  This is a book every cook should have.



Alton Brown is another food and cooking genius I admire, and his books have a wealth of information and techniques that are explained in a different way than most.



2 Responses to Favorite Tools and Cookbooks

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love kitchen tools and cookware!

  2. I love kitchen tools and cookware!

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