An Important Post for Bloggers to Read

To my readers who don’t have food blogs, I apologize that this post will be mostly aimed at those who do have them, but it is for an important reason.  Have you all heard about Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes having her recipes and content stolen and sold illegally as an ebook on Amazon?   As a fellow food blogger creating my own content,

this was really very scary and sad to me.  Any of you who create original recipes (or even adapted recipes) know that a ton of work goes into the process.  Recipe development, recipe testing, photography, and writing, it all takes hours for each individual post.  Elise put it well when she said it’s not so much about the compensation, but rather, knowing that there are copies of her recipes with someone else’s name on it.  When you spend so much time creating something, that is pretty hurtful.

While reading about all of this, I came across some articles that I think could be helpful for some of you to read.  But I want to quickly note that one of the articles urged me to look at spam comments to see if there were pingbacks.  Doing this led me to discover that 10 of the 40 spam comments in there were real comments from food bloggers I know!  And these were spam comments just from this month…who knows how many were made before this.  If you have a blog, make sure to look through your spam on occasion.  Here are the articles:

See you tomorrow for a recipe!

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18 Responses to An Important Post for Bloggers to Read

  1. arimuse says:

    It’s not just food blogs whose content gets picked up! There is so much “wild west” out there and everyone is trying to make a buck that its all content is getting hit: creative crafts, quilting, straight writing, etc. It’s a really sad situation, and if you fight it yoiu have to prove you’re the real creator of the content, so keep hard copy, or something time dated that cannot be messed with, maybe copies to your email accounts –
    It seems people have lost common sense out there, I would think any(theft) law would apply, but for some reason courts get freaked by content online vs on paper! Go figure! Content is content.
    (very timely article, thanks for the info!)

    • Joanne Ozug says:

      Yes, I agree. It’s amazing how you can spend hours working on something and it only takes seconds for someone else to take it. You’ve contributed some good tips, thanks =)

  2. arimuse says:

    – excuse the spelling/grammer errors! I got excited over this issue – as a paid content writer myself it bothers me to see things I’ve written posted by others, and I have no recourse. I’ve given my words away for next to nothing to see someone else get all the hurrah after picking those words up from those who paid for them –

  3. How frustrating that must be! Yes, the part that would bother me the most would be the time spent on all the creations and the thought that someone would take that away! Thanks for the information!

  4. How disgusting that someone would do this. I did see a blogger post a recipe found elsewhere with a completely different photo to go along with it. When I googled the recipe I found the actual post elsewhere. I guess at least she could have said where the recipe came from and not pretended to have made it…
    Thanks for the heads up, I think we should all check our spam box now!

  5. Thanks for this Joanne. For some reason certain bloggers go right to spam for us sometimes too.

  6. Important Post for EVERYONE who generates content and puts their creativity out there on a daily basis!!! I put my photography out there, so I can somewhat relate to creating recipes. Thanks for the reminder and I check my spam comments at least once a week.

  7. How absolutely maddening! Thanks for the links – will be sure to have a read. I too find that sometimes even my most frequent commenter’s land up in spam!
    🙂 Mandy

  8. I did not know about what happened to Elise. Thank you for posting this and the links as well.

  9. On the other site I run, I had some of my content stolen. It’s frustrating, infuriating, and disappointing. I truly feel for Elise.

  10. IThis is sad to hear about. But I know this happens to so many and so many, including us blog owners, have to take precautions against crazy and thieving people like this person. Thank you so much Joanne, for bring this to light. I knew most of these sources already, but more people need to be armed with this information. Thank you again for posting this

  11. mjskit says:

    There are a lot of unethical people in the world that have no problems making a profit off of the work of others! I’m sorry to read that it is happening so much in the bogging world, but then I guess any time someone puts themselves out there and their work, there is always that possibility. Thanks so much for this post and the links!

  12. Ann says:

    Thank you for posting that…SO sad! I can’t imagine what people are thinking!

  13. Joanne thanks for the heads up. You know this kind of thing goes on all of the time but now you have given us some helpful info on how to fix it. Going to check out my spam box now.

  14. That’s just awful! Some people are just rude, but I think on the whole people don’t realize how much time and hard work goes into creating and testing recipes, photographing them, editing them, writing and publishing. They just see is as a free recipe online. It’s kind of sad to me that someone would go that far though…

  15. Yes, I’ve heard about Elise’s predicament via Twitter – terrible that someone would do that. Thanks for the links Joanne!

  16. rsmacaalay says:

    I experienced this multiple times but not in print yet, I have seen my work in other blogs without any reference back to my site, I only notice the ones which have contents that are linked back to another recipe and I found it through track backs. So another good tip that I can add here regularly use link back to your own article as people who copy and paste it do not care, they dont edit it and simply just copy and paste the content.

  17. magicofspice says:

    I had not heard about what happened to Elise, such a shame that there are people who will do this. Thank you for the resource links and article, I will check them out in more detail.

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