Blood Orange and Pistachio Salad

You may have noticed that the produce section looks a little grim this time of year.  The pickings are slim, and most of the poor little guys are underripe or overripe, and have traveled halfway across the world.  But thank goodness blood oranges come to the rescue this time of year, because they are beyond delicious, pretty cheap, and stunningly beautiful.  Here’s a simple little salad you can make for a light, vibrant meal:

Serves 2-4

4 oz spring mix or other artisan greens
1 blood orange
1/4 cup toasted pistachios
1/4 cup shaved fennel bulb
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp mustard
1.5 tsp sherry vinegar
salt and pepper

Start by segmenting the blood orange.  Here’s a video on how to do it if you don’t know how:

Reserve the blood orange segments, and squeeze the remaining parts of the orange into a bowl, to collect the juices.  Take 1 tbsp of this juice and whisk with the olive oil, mustard, sherry vinegar, and a large pinch of salt and pepper, until emulsified and well blended.

Toss the greens with the blood orange segments, pistachio, fennel, and dressing right before serving.  Enjoy!

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13 Responses to Blood Orange and Pistachio Salad

  1. Kim Bee says:

    This is fantastic. Totally making this for lunch today. I adore anything with pistachios. And blood oranges are just such a nice treat this time of year. Love this.

  2. A fabulous combination. And you are so right about the thin pickings at this time of year, I find it the hardest, when nothing is quite in season yet other than the root vegetables and greens. Every now an dthen you need a change in diet, and this ticks lots of boxes !

  3. That looks wonderful. Our fridge is bursting with oranges at this time of year too.

  4. I really need to find some blood oranges! This salad looks so colorful and delicious!

  5. Interesting combo of flavors, but it must be refreshingly delish.

  6. jo-lyn says:

    WOW!! That looks FABULOUS!! =)

  7. Ann says:

    This looks absolutely stunning! …and your photos are gorgeous!

  8. Caroline says:

    What a fabulous salad, and so colorful too! Blood oranges are deeelicous. 🙂

  9. Oh I love blood oranges, and I can only imagine how lovely they would be in this salad!

  10. Nydia says:

    This salad es perfect for the season..we are in summer…!!!

  11. This video was definitely helpful and I normally don’t like to include fruit in with my salad but this really looks delicious and definitely perfect for lunch time.

  12. anne says:

    This salad is perfect for every occasion ! & just as you described it , I couldn’t agree more 😉 As always the photos are spectacular ! Yup , even the 2nd photo ;D

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