In the Holiday Spirit

Today’s post steps outside the usual musings of Fifteen Spatulas to highlight my favorite food related nonprofit charity, the Adopt a School Garden Program of the National Gardening Association.  Swanson Vitamins is hosting a Non-Profit Challenge where bloggers write about their favorite charity, and Swanson Vitamins will donate $1000 to two of those charities this holiday season.

The NGA helps schools plan out, build, and maintain gardens at schools across the country, and also provide curriculum related to gardening.  If any of you have seen Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, you may recall the following clip:

Isn’t it amazing that none of the kids could name a single one of those fruits or vegetables, but everyone knew the chicken nuggets, pizza, burger, and french fries (yet didn’t know that french fries come from potatoes?!)  ?!?!?!!?

I’m a big believer in educating kids about fresh food and produce, so kids can gain an interest in and appreciation for fresh fruits and vegetables.  I commend the NGA for the work they do and am thankful to those who are able to donate to the cause.

See you tomorrow for a recipe!

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7 Responses to In the Holiday Spirit

  1. Food is such an important part of everyone lives, yet so much needs to be done to educate the simple basics! What a great cause to be a part of.

  2. Oh no! That is sad. Veggies taste way better too.

  3. I saw something where farmers were actually setting up tents in an inner city neighborhood that only had liqueur stores and 7 eleven type places-no grocery store. Nutritional values are just not promoted here in the US like they should be and Jaime does have the right idea. Great cause!

  4. Unbelievable video…very sad.Great project though and I will look into the charity event 🙂

  5. Ann says:

    Such a worth cause and so nice of you to support it. It’s amazing what a nutritional “leg up” will do for you!

  6. Caroline says:

    Wow, that is crazy…and really sad! Well, you know they now consider pizza a ‘vegetable.’ Ridiculous! But what a great cause to support. x

  7. Raymund says:

    This is so true, there are kids that know what brand of chicken nuggets they are eating even there is no packaging

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