1,001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die

Instead of a Wordless Wednesday today, I have to tell you about this neat book my stepmom got me, 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die.  There are some really interesting things in there, and now I must say, I HAVE to try some of those foods, somewhere, somehow.  There are a couple of fairly accessible foods in there, like brioche, green tomatoes and roquefort, but then there’s also really weird things like zebra jerky and huitlacoches (a corn fungus, which I strangely enough have eaten before.  I’ve also eaten iguana too…but now I digress).  This is what the huitlacoche looks like:

Anyway, if you’re looking for a cool new book to check out, this is my pick right now!  They have pictures of everything in there too, so it’s a great book to look at visually as well.

See you tomorrow for a recipe!  I promise there won’t be any huitlacoches in there 😉

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6 Responses to 1,001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die

  1. Cool book! Is durian in there by any chance?

    • Joanne says:

      Yes they do have durian in there! Have you ever tasted it before??? I’ve been wanting to try that but don’t know where on earth I would find one…especially given how stinky I hear they are!

  2. Hope there are peruvian food included in that book.

  3. That book sounds intriguing! Huitlacoche has been in my to-try radar for a while.

  4. Andrea says:

    Now on my Amazon wish list! I think I must do this! What could be bad – it’s eating!

  5. onlykev says:

    I’ve got to get that book. I have tried some pretty horrible things but there must be more to come yet. Kevin @ http://www.justedible.com

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