Good Eats in Manhattan: Passionfruit Twinkies, Strawberry Tarragon Popsicles, My Fav Lobster Roll, and a Big LOL

Happy Hump Day lovely friends!  Today’s Wordless Wednesday isn’t very wordless…I have to share some of the goodies that I had in New York City semi-recently.  Please, oh please, let me live in NYC one day so I can have these goodies on a daily basis!  Here are a handful of good eats I had in Manhattan:

People’s Pops in Chelsea Market has the most interesting popsicle flavors.  Check them out!  I had the strawberry tarragon, which was darned delicious:

I also had to stop by The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market for one of their lobster rolls.  It was my first stop in NYC after I landed.  YUM!

One of my new favorites is a little place called Lulu’s Cake Boutique.  I tried one of her passionfruit twinkies and it was DIVINE.  I love passionfruit, and it was the perfect little treat to try.

Above on the right I have Trois Chocolats (three chocolate mousses inside) from La Bergamote.  That place is awesome.  That’s where I got that beautiful chocolate stuffed croissant pictured at the very top of the page, and also this lovely dacquoise (nut meringue) filled with the most silky smooth buttercream:

And here comes the big LOL.  I saw this sign at TSA security at the La Guardia airport.  That’s right people, NO snowglobes allowed.  I know many of you have them while traveling during the summer, so please, spread the word, absolutely NO slowglobes allowed!!!  Okay, someone please tell me they laughed at this too…I felt like an ass taking a picture of it at the airport LOL.

See you tomorrow for a recipe!  Thanks for reading!

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6 Responses to Good Eats in Manhattan: Passionfruit Twinkies, Strawberry Tarragon Popsicles, My Fav Lobster Roll, and a Big LOL

  1. I cannot believe you were in my hood and I did not meet you. Next time in New York let me know, I live in the West Village/Soho and lots to show you.

    • Joanne says:

      Awww yes, I did think about you, but sadly it was an extremely short trip for business and I didn’t have much free time. All those things I ate I squeezed in between business meetings. I should be back sometime in the fall though!

  2. Anonomys says:

    You have a pretty awesome life….YUMMY!!!!!!! Do you have a recipe for yorkshire puddings?

  3. I love Manhatann, there is something in that city that is incredible, I used to go there twice a year because my brother lived there…then he moved, then I got married, then I had kids…suddenly I never moved from my country.

  4. I want to visit Manhatann for about a month, just to eat!

  5. Woah- I live here and I didn’t know about some of these places. Thanks for giving me some more to try. Next time you’re here you’ll def have to let me know!!!

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