Thanksgiving Goodies

I know I normally post recipes, but today I have to talk about Thanksgiving!  My older brother as well as one of my best friends from college came down to visit, (and this isn’t just any friend… Jess is a big foodie too)!  Jess and I cooked meals together on the weekends during college, so it was really fun to cook together again.  Some of the recipes we tried are DEFINITELY keepers (and I won’t be waiting until next Thanksgiving to make them again).
We made a lot of different dishes (especially considering there were only four of us), but there were really two stars of the day.  The crispy roasted potatoes, and the pecan pie.  We made a whole sheet pan of potatoes, and I think only 1/4 of it made it to the table (I know, it’s so bad…Jess and I are pickers…we couldn’t stop eating them)!  As you can see from the previous photo and the one below, they were SUPER CRISPY and delicious!  The cool part?  We only used 3 tbsp of oil for the whole sheet pan of potatoes!  The trick is to boil them first, then shake them up in a pot with the lid on to rough up the edges, add a couple tbsp of flour and a couple tbsp of oil, then roast them at 500 degrees F for an hour.  I will be posting the recipe in the near future, so keep your eyes out for that!

Bourbon pecan pie.  Classic.

Okay…there was one more showstopper of the night and it was the biscuits.  Mmmm…crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

I split them with a fork and they were ready to be smothered with gravy =)

All in all, Thanksgiving was pretty awesome, and I even had pecan pie and more stuffing for breakfast.  What were your Thanksgiving favorites this year?

My thanksgiving plate.  Brined turkey (Alton Brown’s good eats recipe) with dripping gravy and homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and spiced brown sugar pecans, crispy roasted potatoes, and hot italian sausage french bread dressing.  Mmmmmm…hehehehe.

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving Goodies

  1. Jess says:

    Mmm. Just looking at all of this reminds me how awesome it was getting a chance to cook with you again! I need to make those potatoes again soon…but not too soon.

  2. Andrew says:

    Yeah there weren’t many left when it was actually time to eat Thanksgiving Dinner -_- Hmm… >_>

  3. Jess says:

    Sorry, Andrew!

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